In Tenant Struggle: Steering Committee Members Share their Insights


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Last updated Feb 4, 2023 Edit Source

People have said nice things about their ETOC experience.

The ETOC 2 Day Training is really good. After we first got trained we sent people who had missed it to subsequent trainings. I really recommend it.

- Ananth from TCSD

Mentorship has helped us be less neurotic. Being able to bounce questions off folks with more experience and also getting that outside perspective has been so helpful. It’s really allowed us to move forward.

- Ash from TCSD

Because ETOC is run by experienced tenant organizers from across the US, and because ETOC is focused on creating new ATUs, cities who don’t yet have a tenant union can look to ETOC for support and guidance.

We keep track of what works in specific organizing contexts to share with future organizers, so joining ETOC is a great way to both join the broader tenants movement and contribute to it.