In Tenant Struggle: Steering Committee Members Share their Insights


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Last updated Jan 30, 2023 Edit Source

ETOC stands for Emergency Tenant Organizing Committee. The purpose of ETOC is to create new autonomous tenant unions.

ETOC is part of the Housing Justice Commision (HJC), which is part of DSA. The HJC implements Resolution 21, which was voted on at a recent DSA Convention.

ETOC runs two training programs. The first one is a 2 Day intensive training that introduces tenant organizing at an intermediate level. The second one is a Mentorship program that pairs cohorts with experienced mentors who work through a 5-phase process of building a tenant union.

ETOC held its first 2 Day training in May 2022. In 2022, over 100 people from 17 DSA chapters were trained, and 6 cities were in active mentorship to create new ATUs, with another 4 in the process to begin mentorship.