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Journey to Mentorship

Last updated Feb 4, 2023 Edit Source

As long as you have 3+ core TU organizers and some observable commitment to building an ATU, then we let any group join ETOC Mentorship. That said, we do have an onboarding flow that nearly every cohort passes through.

Inreach / Outreach - we give an ETOC presentation Intake - we confirm your interest to attend ETOC trainings 2 Day Training - we do an intensive training (back-to-back 3-hour trainings) that covers deeper tenant organizing approaches and concerns Pre-pilot - we support cohorts in the process of whether the mentorship pilot is right for them Mentorship Pilot - we cover phases 1 and 2 of the ETOC Curriculum 5 Phase Program in 5 sessions over 2.5 months Mentorship - we establish a formal mentor relationship with your cohort for phases 3-5