In Tenant Struggle: Steering Committee Members Share their Insights


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ETOC Curriculum

Last updated Feb 4, 2023 Edit Source

ETOC’s Mentorship Program has 5 Phases.

Phase 1: Pre-configuration – consolidate working & process norms such as recurring meetings, socials, and how to onboard new members Phase 2: Inquiry – review popular outreach approaches, frame organizing convos that involve the law, and canvas as a tenant in your block or building Phase 3: TU Skeleton – minimal operations as a dues-collecting member organization with a public purpose and outward-facing materials Phase 4: Fight – conduct pressure campaigns against landlords as a mass organization where tenants lead their own struggle and not as a service org Phase 5: TU Formation – formalize decision-making procedures, define political line that unites multiple tendencies, and streamline procedures to enable new member involvement as TU grows

Before entering mentorship, we recommend groups attend the 2 Day Training, which can help cohere a group’s commitment to building an ATU. Some topics covered include: