In Tenant Struggle: Steering Committee Members Share their Insights


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Last updated Feb 4, 2023 Edit Source

So your ATU is/was part of ETOC’s Mentorship Program. What does this mean?

Your ATU is connected to the larger tenants movement. An ETOC mentor has a relationship with your ATU, and will help answer any questions based on both their experience and a network of other tenant organizers.

ETOC’s goal is to develop strong tenant organizer leaders who can make decisions based on their understanding of their own local context. Although the ETOC curriculum is specific and task-oriented, its basic orientation is to provide vetted options for new ATUs to start from, then iterate and evolve based on their own practice and local conditions.

Your ATU is independent of ETOC, but we have a productive working relationship. We are bonded in solidarity as organized tenants seeking to end landlord exploitation. We also believe the tenants movement benefits from mutual exchange and knowledge sharing while supporting new ATUs when tenant organizers take on the role of ETOC mentor.